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Happy Birthday Sofilantjes - 2nd Anniversary Blogtour

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First things first... Today my little miss Miracle is celebrating her 3rd birthday, so


If you follow my blog, you know I’m a big Sofilantjes fan. If this is your first visit here: I’m a big Sofilantjes fan! Sofilantjes is also celebrating a birthday, the second... so

Congratulations +Anne Sofilantjes 

Last year Sofilantjes celebrated their first anniversary with a Summer Surprise blogtour. Like last year, I was lucky to be selected for the 2nd anniversary blogtour.
It didn’t take me long to decide what to make for this occasion. When I joined the Cas&Nina blogtour I mashed up the ADVTee and Nivalis. I liked the outcome of that one so much, that I decided to make it again for this anniversary tour and give my readers 

a tutorial on how to blend these 2 patterns.

Here goes!
What you need for the ADVTee-Nivalis dress:
  • Pattern of the ADVTee & the Nivalis Tunic & Dress.
    You can purchase them at a sale price during this blogtour.

    Direct affiliate links to the ADVTee & Nivalis

    Use the code CELEBRATE to get 25% off. This applies to all patterns (bundles excluded).

  • Measure your child and look for the correct size in the size chart of the Nivalis. Follow the suggested size according to the Nivalis and size down one size for the ADVTee. This will make it easier to blend the 2 patterns.

    When you compare the finished garments of the ADVTee and Nivalis, you will see that the ADVTee has more ease then the Nivalis. Therefor I suggest to size down the ADVTee 1 size compared to the Nivalis.

    I did not size down my ADVTee-Nivalis for miss Wonder, because her waist had to be graded out one size.

    Actually, afterwards I discovered that the Nivalis Tunic and the dress I made for her during testing of that pattern is one size bigger than the one I used for this dress. It proves how much a childs body can change in a few months. So once again: measure your child!

You will use following pattern pieces:
  • ADVTee front bodice and front shoulder (we’re using the Option B. Yoke front V-neck option)
  • ADVTee back bodice
  • ADVTee (short) sleeves
  • ADVTee cutting chart for the neck, shoulderband, and facing
  • Nivalis front
  • Nivalis back
  • Happy thoughts

Step 1: creating front pattern piece

  • Start by marking the middle line of the ADVTee front bodice top to bottom. Also mark from one armpit to the other. Thus creating a cross (the orange marked lines in this photo).
    This will help to blend the Nivalis Front piece.

  • Trace the Front Bodice and also trace the cross. Make sure your tracing paper will leave enough room to add the Nivalis dress skirt part; both to the right as to the left side.

  • Now take the Nivalis Front pattern piece and line it up with the middle line and match the armpit
  • Trace the Nivalis: start at the armpit of the ADVTee and draw a curved line towards the Nivalis pattern. When you sized down the ADVTee as I said earlier, the armpits will almost match. In this photo the difference is a bit bigger.

  • Now we need to create the waist and skirt part of the Nivalis on the other side of the front as well.
    You can line up the Nivalis Front pattern piece on the other side of the ADVTee bodice you traced and then trace the waist and skirt part the same way you did on the other side. Do not forget to draw a similar curved line from the armpit to the waist as you did befor.
    A much easier way is to just fold your traced piece on the middle line and then copy the traced waist and skirt part.

Your ADVTee-Nivalis front pattern piece should look like this:

Step 2: creating back pattern piece

  • Trace the ADVTee back bodice piece.
  • Line up the Nivalis back pattern piece and match up the armpits. Again: when you sized down the ADVTee, the difference will be small.
  • Trace the waist and skirt part of the Nivalis.
  • Check the front and back pieces to have matching waist- and skirtlines on both pieces.

Step 3: sewing up your ADVTee-Nivalis

From now on you just follow all instructions of the ADVTee. You just replace the pattern pieces "front bodice" and "back bodice" with the 2 pieces you created as described above.

Step 4: Show your creations in the Sofilantjes Sew and Show group on Facebook!

The ones I sewed up for this blogtour have pockets as well.
I just took the Solis Tunic and Dress pockets. I matched a Solis Dress on this ADVTee-Nivalis to find the right position of the pockets and sewed them like the instructions in the Solis tell you to. There is one tiny difference, because the Nivalis has a curved skirt and the Solis doesn't, you have to trim a tiny bit of fabric off the pockets on the sides in that curve. We're talking 1/8 inch  (3mm) at most.

Having long hair can give you lots of fun. I tried to help her remember that fun when I was combing her hair that evening...

Knowing she was going to pose in this ADVTee-Nivalis Dress I tried to convince her to ask for a butterfly to the lady doing face-painting at their school festivities. I managed to talk her out of the very dark green turtle she asked for, but the Lion couldn't be tamed.
Cuteness overload for me anyway!

Cause and effect when playing outside... injuries are just part of the fun! (she cut open her heel, I will spare you bloody pictures)

Let's talk about this celebration. 
It's a real party will lots of presents!!!

Each day there are more then 10 patterns to win through the rafflecopters you find on the blogs of all the wonderfull women that are part of this blogtour.
But Sofilantjes is also hosting a virtual scavenger hunt. So, if you are a fabric lover, head over to the Sofilantjes Sew and Show group to find out how to win fabric!

Look at all these great sponsors...

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Make sure to read all blogposts this week. There are tons of amazing creations and all of the blogging ladies will like your visits and comments. The best compliment will be when you find inspiration on this blogtour and share your own creations in the Facebook group.

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Fabric dress miss Miracle: Lillestoff bought @Cas&Nina +deborah gruszkow 
Fabric dress miss Wonder: FinchFabric bought @Cas&Nina  +deborah gruszkow 

*This blog contains affiliate links meaning I make a small commission if you click on the link and make a purchase through it at no extra cost to you.

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  1. Great and clear tutorial! And so lovely and precise sewing! Now wonder your girls look so happy ;)

  2. Lovely dresses and I love the idea of doing tutorials pics scaled! I thought you owned a use cutting mat until I saw the ruler :)

    1. Thank you :) It wasn't intentionally, it's what I always work with.
      Still missing an omnigrid... that would be another great addition to my sewing supplies.

  3. Ohhhh, geweldig!! Ik vind de ADV Tee sowieso fantastisch, maar nu ik 'm als jurk zie wil ik voor een meisje naaien!! :D

  4. Wow I love your fabric. And the mashing of patterns look great!

  5. Mooi zeg! Ik ben vooral fan van de vlindertjesversie! Hiphiphoera voor je dochtertje!

  6. Wat een leuke hack! Ik ben fan van het jurkje met de bootjes :)

  7. I love the look of this; it's not a pattern mash that you would think of right away. Very unique.

  8. Heel tof gedaan en ik hou van de vlindertjes :) Gelukkige verjaardag trouwens aan little miss Miracle! ;)

  9. your girls are SO CUTE! and the mashup creates a lovely new dress style - very well done.

  10. My absolute Favorite Mash Up/Hack ...
    Mooie combinatie die halslijn van de ADVTee met de lijnen van het Nivalis jurkje.
    Alsof ze voor elkaar gemaakt zijn <3