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Leilani Swing Dress & Romper by Modkid Patterns

Twins... it's something special. As a child I had 2 identical friends, although I didn't see it that way. Nobody could keep them apart, but for some reason it was very easy for me to tell who was K & who was A. What was really identical was their wardrobe. Every now and then they would wear a different color, so the teacher could keep them apart, at least when that teacher would write down which of them wore which color.
Big bonus for me: I got to wear all those clothes that they grew out of twice! Sometimes it was a blessing, but not always.
When I grew older I realised I had an extreme urge to stand out. I hated to be the grey elephant in the herd. Only years later I wondered whether it had something to do with growing up with the nextdoor identical twin girls that were my best friends for years and years.

Maybe this is also the reason why I rarely sew a twinning project for my girls...

This pattern inspired me to throw my principles overboard and I now proudly present you my Twinning Leilani Swing Dress & Romper.
From the moment Patty Young posted that first photo on Facebook I was sold! For days I kept an eye on the Facebook group to see if there was a testers call. Then one night, it was way past midnight over here, I saw the call. I crawled out of bed and hurried downstairs to fill out the tester's form (my phone wasn't very helpful when I tried to fill out the form, so I had to use my laptop).

I jumped up and down when I received an invitation to test the Leilani! It was my first test for Modkid Patterns. My first encounter with Modkid Patterns was when I sewed the Jack & Jill jacket for the Back to School blogtour about 8 months ago. I've been waiting to get the perfect opportunity to sew something for Patty & Coutney since then.

The test ran from May 1st to May 8th and I was assigned to the size 2T Swing Dress.
My first Leilani Swing Dress is still waiting for a sunny day to shoot photo's.
Somewhere along the way it became clear to me that it would be so cute to have both my girls in a matching Leilani.

My 8-year old took one look at some of the tester photo's and was head over heels with the Leilani Romper. My (almost) 4-year old only wants dresses at the moment, so that choice was easy.
Like pieces of a puzzle the Lillestoff fabric I pre-ordered about 2 months ago, just came in the store. Bright and early on Saturday morning I drove over to Cas&Nina and picked up this beautiful organic cotton knit fabric. On Sunday the Leilani Swing Dress size 2T and Leilani Romper size 8/9 were finished. On Monday after school & swim practise the sun came out, so I bribed my girls for this photo shoot.

Coupon code = LEILANI2017
The Leilani Swing Dress & Romper comes in 2 size ranges, GIRLS (2T - 8/9) and TWEEN/TEEN (10 - 18). There is even a BUNDLE option so you can get both size ranges at a discounted price. But for the next 24 hrs. you can take 40% off your entire purchase on our Etsy store, which makes the single patterns only $5.99 and the Bundles only $9.57 (less than a full price pattern!).

Leilani Tween Teen Swing Top, Swing Dress, Harem Romper
PDF Downloadable Pattern by MODKID... sizes 10 to 18

Leilani Girls Swing Top, Swing Dress, Harem Romper
PDF Downloadable Pattern by MODKID... sizes 2T to 8/9 Girls

Leilani is a versatile knit pattern which includes a simple Swing Top, a flirty Swing Dress and a funky, oh-so-comfy Harem-Style Romper. The dress and romper views include optional inset side pockets. All versions feature a fabulous double-spaghetti strap design for added flair.

Pattern: Leilani Swing Dress & Harem Romper
Fabric: Lillestoff Katzenliebe - bought @ Cas&Nina

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  1. Love these twinning looks on your girls!! And your background story!! So glad you made the late night entry for the testing call!

  2. waaaauwww amazing.... huge fan of the harem romper...