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Sew Back 2 School Tour

Only LOVE...

These girls make my heart explode with love!
This sewing hobby gives me so much happiness!
Fabrics can make me over the moon excited!
Designers give me inspiration and I'm full of admiration for their talent!
All of these together...
Only LOVE!

For this Back2School2017 blogtour I made miss Wonder a complete outfit to go to school; sweater, pants, beanie and in addition a bag. Miss Miracle is the proud owner of a romper, which she decided would be the perfect sleeping garment - although initially not intended to be PJ's!

Miss Wonder

My 8-year old is a bit of a tomboy, but at the same time she likes all girly stuff. This outfit meets all of her wishes: comfortable clothes to join active play, her new favourite color 'blue', her love for pink and bling bling!
When Sofilantjes is one of the sponsors on the tour, it's no surprise that I will go with some of Anne's patterns. The Hibernis Sweater was ideal for the french terry fabric with the deer. She requested the Hibernis without a cowl and only wanted one side pocket. The Hibernis is designed to have a double pocket on the side or no pockets. So I left out the small side pockets.

The Orbis Skinny Harem pants was the perfect combination. This pattern has grown on me ever since the first time Anne showed it to me while she was designing it. I did a little hack on the pocket as well. The Orbis has a large pocket that goes from the front to the back. In this version I hacked it to have only the front pockets.

Not only Sofilantjes was a sponsor. Filles a Maman, a.k.a. FAM, is one of the other sponsors. The beanie of FAM was the perfect item to complete the outfit.

And then I decided to make one more item: the Military Messenger Bag by Fabulous Home Sewn. It is perfect for miss Wonder to carry along all kind of things to crafts-lessons in the ART Academy. I'm not the bag-sewing-type, so some of the steps didn't go as smoothely as intented, but she's happy with it and that's all I need!

 Now tell me, isn't she the coolest girl in town?!!!

 ... and the most beautiful girl...

Miss Miracle

The ONE Romper has been on my wishlist for a long time. Thanks to Filles a Maman being a sponsor on this blogtour I got the chance to finally make this romper.

She's only 4 but she knows what she wants! No way mommy can make her something without consulting her opinion. She wants a say in what fabric will be used and what options of the pattern I will make her.

This ONE romper is made with fabrics she choose. After showing her several options she wanted the cherry fabric (by Liandlo). She insisted on having short sleeves and long legs. When it was finished she also decided it would be perfect as PJ's.
Her wish is my command... so be it!

This girl gives me instant happiness!!!

Tour schedule: 

 A big THANK YOU to Deb & Ula from Sprouting JubeJube and Lulu & Celeste for making this tour happen! You've been wonderful hosts!

Hope you enjoyed my contribution to the Back2School2017-blogtour.

Loads of great creations were made for this tour. Let's spread some appreciation to all of these wonderful women!


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Of course, this tour would not have been possible without all of these generous sponsors!
Thank you so much for all of your kindness.

 Hibernis Sweater by Sofilantjes -  French Terry Snow Forest - Kiwi Fabrics
 Orbis Skinny Harem by Sofilantjes - Cotton Lycra - Allotte
Beanie by FAM -  Cotton Lycra - Allotte
Military Messenger Bag by Fabulous Home Sewn - Woven Cotton - Cas&Nina
 ONE Romper by FAM - Cotton Lycra by Lliandlo - Cas&Nina
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  1. Isn't it so wonderful that you can make both your girls happy by getting just what they want? I like both outfits very much.

  2. Mooie dametjes!! En mooi verwerkt, die roze french terry in een Hibernis. Ik kocht hem vorig jaar en heb er nu een bestemming voor :)

  3. I love both the outfits! They look so comfy! I'm so jealous of your gorgeous fabric too :)

  4. Zo leuk, ze stralen allebei de dames. Die romper vind ik te gek. Dat stofje ook maar de dochter hier niet 😁