zaterdag 2 december 2017

Floral Regina Dress

A Royal new Pattern

The Regem shirt was named King, now we have a Queen: the Regina Dress & Tunic by Sofilantjes.
This pattern is the prefect all-year dress! You can choose 5 different options for the sleeves, it has 2 skirts and the skirts are interchangeable with the skirts of the Solis, Litore & Montis dresses/ tunics. All of you Sofilantjes fans: go wild with these patterns!!!

Olumis Fabric has a wonderful collection of Cotton Jersey Fabrics. You really need to check out Caroline's webshop. There's a special discount for those who buy the Regina Dress & Tunic! Keep on reading to find out how to cash in that 10% discount.
It's always so hard to choose fabrics. But when the package arrived it was a pure joy to see these gorgeous fabrics.